Aleksi Soselia

Alexi was born on June 4, 1988 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Graduated from the informal Master program of photography at Center for Contemporary Art-Tbilisi. Works in various media, which are photography, graphic design, and installation art. Has taken part in 2 exhibitions, the first included 10 photos regarding the issue of potential energy in the city as his final diploma work for CCA-Tbilisi. The second featured 5 pieces of photography which were made within a project in cooperation with socially deprived elderly people. Additionally participated in projects concerning public art, in particular the visual alteration of civic places in order to change their function to social interactive accessibility e.g. at bus stops. Besides, he takes part in a research in Rustavi, Georgia, regarding alternative spaces within transformative surroundings, generally functioning as a photographer. Mostly approaches the urban and social aspects of the city and its alternative spaces.

Ana Beridze

Ana (Ann) was born in 1987 in Tbilisi, Georgia. During 2004-2008 she attended Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and then received bachelor's degree in architectural design. During the university period she took part in different activities like paint the walls for kindergarten, school, stadium and etc. In 2010/2011 graduated from Photography informal MA program at Center of Contemporary Art-Tbilisi. During studies was working on visual art projects related the context of urban space (in terms of ecology, social issues, etc.) From the age of 15 has been interested in watercolor technique. Since 2005 has been taking part in various exhibitions. In 2011 worked as an artist at animation studio. She some teaching experience with the children. Currently she has a part time job and is involved in organizing several projects.

Bessa Kartlelishvili

Expressive research with a sharp humor for exploring the social and political mysticism in personal life of an individual, is the cornerstone of my vision and action as an artist. Regardless of media I use, main for me is to create an art, as visual, as possible.

Galaqtion Eristavi

Galaqtioin was born in Tbilisi in 12.07.1990. In 2007 passed in Tbilisi State Academy of Art on photography course. In 2011 finished this course and got bachelor degree. Now he is a student of Center of Contemporary Art-Tbilisi (CCA-Tbilisi) on informal MA program of mediation and curatorial studies. In 2011 he made some photography projects and had show in Geneva, in Art Academy's gallery. After that he was called to participate in 54th Venice La-Biennale opening and student's workshop. From 2010 he participates in big projects such as 'Frozen Moments' and 'Artisterium 2010-2011' as an assistance of curator. From 2011 till now he works on personal curatorial and artistic projects with initiative group.

Miranda Motskobili

Mika graduated from Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi (CCA-Tbilisi) informal Ma program with the direction of 2D Art and Sound Art. She participated in 1st graduation exhibition of CCA-Tbilisi in august, 2011. Besides she is working on solo projects and have collaborated with video artist [Gegi Khaburdzania] and created soundtracks to his works. Also, she paints on ceramics.

Shota Demetrashvili

Shota was born on June 24, 1985 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Shota graduated from Tbilisi State Academy for Art and Musical Colledge, architecture and music are his major fields of study. Apparently he is interested in social sciences and urban studies. Currently he is working as an architect at the private studio and is occupied with several collaborative projects related with urban processes and public space. With his colleagues he established non formal organization which aims to research urban processes and main tendencies in the built environment analyze and realize certain projects.

Tamar Muskhelishvili

Tata was Born on January 18, 1988 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Studied Cultural Studies and Political Science at the University of Bremen with emphasis on Anthropology, Cultural Theory, and Media and Communication. Currently working on her Bachelor thesis researching alternative spaces in transformative environments, in particular Rustavi, Georgia, as one of the former industrial centers of the USSR, and the social responses following these changes. Participated in different projects regarding urban and social spaces in Georgia, mostly by compiling and writing the concepts. These included alterations of public space, e.g. shifting the explicit functionality of bus stops to an interactive experience through the modification of their appearance, as well as cooperative projects with people of variant social classes. Speaks Georgian, German, English and Spanish.