Factory of Passenger Automobiles in Warsaw

Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych w Warszawie (literally translated as Factory of Passenger Automobiles) (translated quote from Polish Wikipedia) – the idea of car factory building was discussed since the end of the second world war. A key issue was obtaining a this type of vehicle manufacturing licence. With respect to the pre-war cooperation of FIAT with Polish automotive industry, this particular concern was chosen to enter into licence negotiations with. After the negotiations ended, Państwowa Komisja Planowania Gospodarczego (National Economic Planning Commission) signed the agreement for building automobile factory in Warsaw and purchasing Fiat 1400 licence on 31 July 1948. Building of the factory was finished in late autumn 1951. Costs of construction were 130 million zlotys of the time, and equipment's costs were 250 million. On 6 November 1951 at 2 pm, the first passenger car manufactured in post-war Poland left the assembly line. There were several thousand workers of the factory for who were provided with lunch meals and packs of cigarettes brought from nearby Bristol hotel.

In February 2011, the licence for Aveo production expired and manufacturing of new version of this model of Chevrolet has not been restarted. This decision was influenced not only by the world crisis (till the end of August 2012 FSO manufactured only 27,1 thousand cars, that is less by 41% than in 2009) but also by the free trade agreement coming into force, as the result of which, the cars imported from South Korea to European Union are 10% duty-free. Till November, a test driving track was sold, and engine casting and assembling halls were demolished.


"Paper Plus" - paper factory in Tbilisi

The factory was founded in 2004 and till 2007 it was functioning and producing paper. Then It was stopped for few years and  started working at new building in 2011. 30 workers were occupied there. Currently the factory is still stopped, but administration is going to make some reorganization and start functioning again, which will give more people working opportunities.

The building is located at one of the Tbilisi suburbs, Isani-Samgori District.